I am super excited to share this post with everyone! If you follow me on social media you will know that I invested in a very special gift to myself this week. I am now the proud owner of my very first pair of Jimmy Choo heels! I have had my eye on these for quite a while and decided to take the plunge during the week and treat myself to these babies. I am absolutely in love and have no regrets, even if I have no Christmas shopping done!


The style I went for was the Abel stiletto in a coarse glitter fabric. I can’t even really tell exactly what colour it is myself so I think  you could wear it with silver or gold accessories. These shoes are made in Italy and are leather lined as well as having a leather sole. While this means that they will be more comfortable to wear, the leather sole can easily become damaged particularly with the Irish weather. The sales assistant has therefore advised me to get it soled with rubber which I will be doing asap.


The heel is 4 inches which I am hoping will make them very comfortable to walk and stand in. I will report back once I have worn them! I would usually wear a UK size 5.5 or 6 in shoes and the 5.5 was plenty in this shoe. This brand is known for being generous in sizing and many people have to size down a whole size.


Now, to answer the question I have been getting off so many ladies! How expensive were they? Well I hit the jackpot the day I went into Brown Thomas because they had just been reduced, I couldn’t believe my luck! At full price, these retail for €475. I purchased these in Brown Thomas during the week for €285, that’s a saving of almost €200! I know that in the Limerick store that they only had one pair in each size but they may be able to get them sent in from another store if your size is out of stock. You could also try the Jimmy Choo website or Netaporter, I’m not sure if they have this style or if it is reduced but it is worth a shot.


I know that even at the reduced price that this may be out of a lot of ladies’ budgets but trust me I do not spend this kind of money on myself very often! I always treat myself at this time of year and I hadn’t bought myself anything for my birthday a few weeks ago plus I have had a good year with a promotion in work too. I can justify this purchase because I know that if I take care of them that they will be in my wardrobe forever. Sometimes you just have to think about buying quality over quantity.


I am happy to answer any more questions which you may have. Drop me a DM on social media and I will help if I can!

Sophie x

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