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Kim Kardashian fans were thrilled last week when she announced that she would be launching her own cosmetics line on June 21st 2017. She had been dropping hints prior to this however! In a recent collaboration with her sister Kylie, Kim advised on a note contained in her kit that she had a surprise coming really soon for fans. Fast forward a few weeks and we finally know what she was hinting at. I love Kim’s style, particularly her makeup so I purchased the kit she produced with Kylie Cosmetics when it first launched. Today I am bringing you my honest opinion of the products before Kim launches her own line next week.


KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit

I paid €56.35 for the kit which included shipping to Ireland. I know that seems quite expensive but the kit includes 4 lipsticks so if you were to compare to other popular higher end brands, this price would be quite average. The kit itself is really well packaged and comes in a pale pink box. Each of the lipsticks comes in a frosted tube with Kylie’s signature detailing in pale pink. The lipsticks are a liquid formula and give a lovely creamy finish. The applicator is a small, firm, sponge style which I liked.

Now for the breakdown of each of the four colours!


Kim – The Peachy Nude

The first colour I am wearing is Kim which is the Peachy Nude of the kit.


Kim – The peachy Nude

This was probably my least favourite shade in the kit. I felt that it was a bit too light in colour and too wishy washy for me! I think this would suit someone with a more tanned complexion than me! It did apply really nicely however.


Kimberley – The True Nude

I really liked this shade as it had a bit more depth than Kim. This was so wearable and perfect for day or night. I could wear it to work but it would be equally as fab for a night out. I think this would work well on all skin tones.


Kimberley – The True Nude


Kiki – The Pinky Nude

Kiki is the next colour in the kit which is the Pinky Nude. I absolutely loved this one! It is such a pretty and girly colour!


Kiki – The Pinky Nude

The final colour in the kit is Kimmie which is a deep nude.


Kimmie – The Deep Nude

This was slightly more pigmented than the other shades in the kit which is why I think it will appeal to more people.


Kimmie – The Deep Nude

So my final verdict! If you like nudes then you will like this kit. If you don’t like nudes well, then you won’t! Some people will look at these and say they all look the exact same but if you really appreciate nude shades then you know what’s up! I will say however that the colour payoff once they are applied does not live up to  the shade in the tube which is disappointing. I think perhaps it could be the texture as they are a creamy product, perhaps a matte shade would have been more pigmented. Also, they are not very long lasting. I think these days, few lipsticks will actually last all day and this collection does not purport to do that but I did find myself reapplying the products quite frequently. I do like the kit though and I think if you are happy to pay €50+ for 4 lipsticks then it would be worth trying it for yourself.

In the interest of transparency, I did not use any filters or edits in this post so I could show you guys the products in their true form!

Sophie x

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