So today I am going to run through my first impression of the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation. This product has only just recently launched to the market and I was super excited to try it as I am a big fan of Huda Kattan and her brand.

Faux Filter Foundation

So first of all I am assuming you will want to know where this can be purchased! Huda Beauty products are available on Cult Beauty and Brown Thomas website as well as in the Dublin store. The product costs €36 plus shipping if you buy it online.

This product promises to offer a full-coverage velvety finish with just one pump. I was obviously really excited to try this foundation based on the hype surrounding it so I placed my order from Brown Thomas shortly after the launch date. I wasn’t 100% sure on what colour to go for as there hasn’t been many reviews available to date on this product. Huda has included some helpful guides on her site to help you determine your shade, so using these I chose Vanilla which is a neutral, fair colour.

Faux Filter Foundation

Okay so now for my opinion. I was sadly underwhelmed. It really pains me to say that as I am such a fan of Huda Kattan but I was genuinely disappointed. Firstly, the shade was slightly too pale. This was obviously my own fault as I was unsure what to go for but until there are more reviews available I would recommend trying to get your hands on a sample first.

Faux Filter Foundation

Aside from the shade dilemma I want to talk about how it looked and wore on my skin. I should note at this point that I would have combinational skin, it isn’t super oily just moderately on my T-Zone and it is not super dry either, I get the odd patch along my cheeks. This product promised a “radiant matt powder finish that looks luminous, not dry or cakey”. LOL. This product applied okay for me, FYI I tried to apply using both a brush and a beauty blender. The brush requires more than 1 pump to cover my face and the finish looks quite heavy. Using the beauty blender gave me a better finish and I only required one pump to cover my entire face. The picture above shows how it looks applied with a beauty blender. The product is a cream rather than a liquid so you will instantly see how thick it is, it reminded me of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in consistency. It is also heavily scented and I was very conscious of this scent for the first hour or so of wearing.

As the day went on, this product looked worse and worse on my skin. It seemed to adhere to dry patches on my face which I didn’t know existed. It really emphasised them and also any little blonde hairs on my skin. I wore this product to work for a few days and tried using different methods of application and different products with it but still found the same results on my skin. It clung to dry patches, it virtually dissolved off oily patches and each day it sank in to the skin at the edges of my nose. As you can imagine this was highly unflattering!

Faux Filter Foundation gathering at nose

As you can see my first impressions have not been positive at all. I will however, continue to try this product and see how I feel about it in a few weeks. I have recently started a new skincare regime so I am hoping that by addressing my skin concerns I may have a better base to apply this product to shortly. If you really want to buy this foundation I would advise getting a sample first and I would say that your skin needs to be in pretty good nick for this foundation to look any way decent on you.

Huda Beauty Foundation

Have any of you bought this product? If so, let me know your thoughts. I would love to get some other perspectives on this product!


Sophie x

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