Happy Thursday! Have a brand new post for you guys this evening, featuring some recent beauty buys which I treated myself to. As you may have seen (unless you live under a rock!), Asian beauty products are everywhere!


Asian Beauty Products are everywhere lately!

You may not be aware that many of the products we use and trends we pick up on this side of the world have in fact originated from Asia. Particularly from countries such as China, Japan and South Korea. BB creams, CC creams and sheet masks were being used by our Asian sisters ever before we caught on! I have picked just a tiny sample of the brands that are available to buy on the Irish and UK market right now. Trust me, it is well worth a google to see the vast array of what is out there, you will find products you never knew you even needed!


Vitamasque Sleep In Mask

The first product I have chosen is from the brand Vitamasques. Now, this is a UK based company but they produce their products using the most recent and innovative Korean technology. Their ethos is to deliver products from the Far East to our shores at an affordable price. I chose the Pearl Sleep in Mask which promises to brighten your skin while you sleep. You simply apply to cleansed skin at night and let it work its magic! The pack contains 2 applications and it is very affordable. While this brand has a variety of other masks, I’ll admit my reason for choosing this mask was purely down to the packaging!


Each pack contains 2 applications – how pretty is the packaging?!



Oh K! Cherry Gel Lip Mask

You have probably already seen the brand Oh K! featured in numerous blog posts and YouTube videos. This brand offers super cute, beauty tools, masks and stationery. The products are made in Korea and are very purse friendly. I decided to pick up this Cherry Gel Lip Mask which promises to hydrate and moisturise your lips. I think that the products from this brand would make fab gifts for beauty lovers of any age! While I wouldn’t necessarily  use a lip mask on the regular, I think that it makes for a nice treat especially now that the weather is warmer and we all need a little extra hydration!


Konjac Sponge

I have been meaning to get my hands on a Konjac sponge for ages now as I have heard fantastic things about them. The Konjac plant is found in sub-tropical and tropical Asia. The sponge made from Konjac can be used to buff away dirt, dead skin and even blackheads. It is also suitable for sensitive skin types that could become irritated using other devices. There are tonnes of companies selling these in the UK and Irish market and you should be able to pick one up in your local health store too. Mine is by The Konjac Sponge Co and is 100% natural, colouring and additive free. The idea is that you use the sponge for about a month and then replace it and these are supposedly more sanitary than using a face cloth for cleansing.


The sponge is hard when dry but once water is added it absorbs a huge amount and becomes soft!

The final product in my mini haul is something which I was so excited to get! I had intended on buying a Jade Roller for months and months but never got around to it so I finally took the plunge the other week. This is a Yu Ling roller and is the priciest item in my haul at £28. Jade rollers have been used by the Chinese elite for centuries. Jade is known for its healing properties and it does in fact, have a cooling effect on the skin. Using this device on a freshly cleansed face either with or without product for several minutes per day is meant to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and tone and tighten the skin. I have been using mine for several days now and it has definitely made a positive impact on my skin. After use, my skin appears pinkish and flushed so it does get the blood flowing! It is early days yet but my skin is looking healthy and has a nice glow so I will continue using this product daily. There are cheaper variations on sites like amazon but be careful as many of these variations are not real jade as they purport to be.


Yu Ling Jade Roller

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